Corporate and Foundation Relations

Corporate & Foundation Relations

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) works with Brown faculty and administrators to foster support for the University’s mission of research and service.

Our team manages key institutional relationships and collaborates with corporations and foundations to advance research and other initiatives that make a positive impact on campus and in the world.

Members of Brown’s faculty and administration are invited to contact CFR for help in identifying and developing an approach to foundation and corporate funding prospects, developing proposals, coordinating campus visits, navigating the submission process, and stewarding awards.

Our office serves as a centralized resource for institutional giving. We work with Brown faculty from across the University in securing grants and other types of support from corporations and foundations.
From the sciences to the humanities, Brown is making pathbreaking strides towards discovering the answers to the big questions. Our office serves as a central liaison between philanthropic organizations and the University.

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Amazon Research Awards

Deadline: May 7, 2024

Amazon Research Awards (ARA) is announcing the spring 2024 call for proposals for the AI for Information Security and Sustainability research areas.

ARA provides grant recipients unrestricted funds and AWS promotional credits. Funded projects are assigned an Amazon research contact, and recipients also receive training resources, including AWS tutorials and hands-on sessions with Amazon scientists and engineers.

AI for Information Security

We aim to continue advancing possible solutions for some of the most challenging problems in information security. We are seeking to fund machine learning research on the following topics in information security:

  1. Threat, intrusion, and anomaly detection for cloud security
  2. Generative AI and foundation models for information security
  3. Graph modeling and anomaly detection on graphs
  4. Learning with limited/noisy labels and weakly supervised learning
  5. ML for malware analysis and detection
  6. Finding security vulnerabilities using ML
  7. Causal inference for information security
  8. Zero/one-shot learning for information security
  9. Reinforcement learning for information security
  10. Protecting and preserving data privacy in the cloud
  11. Securing generative AI and foundation models


Amazon's Sustainability Research Awards program invites proposals for innovative projects that merge machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques with life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies to support carbon abatement strategies. This call seeks to fund projects that address the challenges associated with generating consistent, transparent, and accurate carbon measurements.

The aim of this initiative is to significantly advance the comparability of LCAs within the manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture sectors. Central to this effort is the provision of datasets, methodologies, and tools that can effectively validate that assumptions, process flows, and emission factors are uniformly applied across assessments. This focus acknowledges the critical need for verifiable data and assumptions that underpin sustainable decision-making processes. Proposals should address challenges in creating accessible solutions that ensure LCA data can be easily scrutinized and validated by stakeholders, reinforcing trust in sustainability metrics and facilitating more informed decisions. Proposals should clearly articulate how they will deliver tangible, practical outputs such as code and data, emphasizing mechanisms for ensuring data integrity and consistency in LCA practices.

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Simons Foundation: Targeted Grants in MPS

Deadline: Rolling Application (Letter of Intent)

The Simons Foundation’s Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MPS) division invites applications for its Targeted Grants in MPS program. The program is intended to support high-risk theoretical mathematics, physics and computer science projects of exceptional promise and scientific importance on a case-by-case basis.

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